Building power to resist surveillance and advance democracy

The Surveillance Resistance Lab (the Lab) is a think and act tank. The Lab expands the terrain in which we organize to confront a challenging and urgent problem—how increasing government and corporate reliance on surveillance technologies undermines fundamental rights and democracy. To counter this threat, the Surveillance Resistance Lab engages in investigative research, campaign incubation, advocacy, and organizing. We fight for accountability and government divestment from technologies that expand systems of control and punishment (as well as suppress dissent and difference) in public spaces, schools, workplaces, and at and across borders.

We support movements to challenge the threat surveillance presents to the autonomy, agency, and power of those who are increasingly watched, managed, policed, or commodified—including communities of color, immigrants, LGBTQ+ people, abortion seekers, students, workers, and organizers fighting for racial, economic, and social justice. We support communities to build productive spaces for engagement and intervention on these issues. The Lab also serves as a hub for a wide range of stakeholders to sharpen understanding around the ways surveillance, algorithmic management, and the data economy threaten racial and economic equity, and a vibrant democracy. We are committed to movement building and collaborating with community-based and worker-led organizations. Together, we work to build our collective knowledge and develop interventions to enhance democracy and advance socio-economic equity.

Stay Updated

We are currently laying the foundation for the Surveillance Resistance Lab. Stay tuned for more information on our current program areas!

The Surveillance Resistance Lab is a non-profit founded in January 2023. The Lab was formerly the Surveillance, Tech, & Immigration Policing Project, which was housed at the Immigrant Defense Project until 2022.

Illustration of a serpent-like skeleton snaking amongst  towns and cities into the horizon.
Illustration Ⓒ Fernando Marti