The Lab is a think and act tank

We challenge technology deployed at the nexus of state and corporate power that erodes fundamental rights. Grounded in a political economic analysis, we build with advocates across movements to tackle the growing reach of tech power into democratic governance.

We are senior organizers, researchers and strategists with expertise in legal analysis, corporate investigation, migration control, and domestic policing. We build research, strategy, campaigns, and networks to scale up the ability of communities, workers, and advocates to build power towards a vibrant democracy. 

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The Challenge

Governments are rapidly embracing technological solutions in ways that expand the power of policing and corporations. Not only does this harm democratic governance, but also limits our collective ability to shape the future. We must ensure that these tools and infrastructures do not deepen structural inequities, or threaten our struggles for workers’ rights, climate justice, Indigenous sovereignty and more.

We Engage in Investigative research, campaign incubation, advocacy, and organizing

The Surveillance Resistance Lab engages in investigative research, campaign incubation, advocacy, and organizing. We identify productive spaces for engagement and intervention to expand civil engagement on these issues. We are committed to collaborating with community-based and worker-led organizations and building networks to foster increased organizing and power-building. Together, we work to build our collective knowledge and develop interventions to enhance democracy and advance socioeconomic equity and justice. Learn more about our work.

We are A Hub for Stakeholders

The Lab also serves as a hub for a wide range of stakeholders to sharpen understanding around the ways surveillance, algorithmic management, and the data economy threaten racial and economic justice. Here’s more about how we engage with our partners.